Selected Personal Projects


UIST '14 SIC Project / Creative Robot / 2014 at CMU

What if your plant can guard your home? We built a cute robot that turns the plant into a housekeeper or even a family member. Powered by Kinoma Create and embedded sensors in a household setting, it has the ability to interact with surrounding environment. Telling Stories with Crowd-sourced Augmented Puppetry

Installed Art Performance / 2014 at CMU is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combines augmented-puppetry with on-line video sharing and urban projection performance. uses cameras embedded in puppets to capture, catalog and connect experiences of immigration across time and space on our planet. It aims to help solve transnational migration, which continues to be among the most complex global issues of our time. For more information, please visit's official website


Wearable Gadget / 2014 at CMU

The goal of this project is to offer the freedom to use smartphone through gestures on any surface. By embedding two electric piezos in a 3D printed ring, it can recognize user's gesture inputs (e.g., tap, wipe, and knock). Gestures can serve as various inputs on the phone, for example, unlocking your phone.


Interactive Gadget / 2014 at CMU

Fabricated with laser cut pieces and capacitive foil, I built a LED matrix based game machine. It provides a row of capacitive buttons for gamers to hit dots in each column.


Interactive Installation / 2013 at CMU

In this project, I built a circular 3-axis drawing machine that had the capability to record and convert fish's movements into certain patterns and strokes on paper. The purpose of this project was to generate paintings through fish's activities and people's interaction with the fish, as well as explored fish's habits through art forms.


Hybrid Instrument / 2013 at CMU

To make percussion much easily, I went through an iterative process and built a smart device that converted user's speech into certain pattern of rhythm. By tapping on different surfaces, it was able to generate various qualities of the sound because of the resonant properties of different surfaces and objects.

Smart Whisker

Interactive Robot / 2013 at CMU

To create a smart and intelligent whisker that has rich interactivity, I built a robot using 3D printing technology for the very first time and embeding circuits and vibrating sensors inside to make whisker interactive. It acts like a live creature and gives different feedbacks responding to multiple inputs. This is my first project using 3D printing technology.

8-Channel Circle (Suspended Motion)

Installed Instrument / 2013 at CMU

The purpose of this project is to create a unique sound experience for users. We hung 8 speakers on a circular plate and programmed each speaker to create a multiple-channel sound generation. The user sitting in the middle beneath the plate is able to enjoy spatial sounds in an innovative way.


MakeWithMoto Hackathon Project / Physical Computing / 2013 at CMU

Aiming at encouraging people to enjoy meal time with friends and family, we designed and made Disconnect to engage people on meal table without any disturbs of modern technology. On the top it holds a dish and a phone case is beneath the dish. With NFC technology, we can detect if the user picks the phone during the mealtime.

Worldwide Issue and Solution Engine (WISE)

Microsoft Imagine Cup Project / Web Application / 2010-2011 at UCAS

We built a Silverlight based web applicaiton that encouraged people around the world to discover, discuss, track, and solve compelling problems. People could propose a topic and spread it through drift bottles. Under the supervision of valid organizations, these issues would arouse people's awareness.


Bachelor Project / Windows Azure Application / 2009-2010 at Microsoft Research Asia

This project focused on the management of online photo album based on the powerful computation and storage of cloud service. By using multiple Microsoft technologies (e.g., Silverlight, DeepZoom, Windows Azure), we implemented a tag-centered system to create a seamless user experience on online photo management.


Web Application / 2008-2009 at Beihang University

To assist more people to beautify their photos with simple steps, we built an online image processing platform using Silverlight techonology. Besides basic edits on the uploaded photos, the user could apply one-click style fiters to reach gorgeous effects.

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