I'm a 2nd year Ph.D. stdent working with Prof. Jon E. Froehlich in the Makeability Lab and Human-Computer Interaction Lab at University of Maryland, College Park. I explore novel human-centered fabrication techniques to make interactive objects and to meet people’s need in real life. My research interests in fabrication fall into four categories: interactivity, material, mechanical structures, and computational design. My research also aims to bring personal fabrication technologies to a broader audience (e.g., novices, designers, engineers, etc.) for particular purposes.


Selected Research/Work

:: My research work involves fabrication (e.g., 3D printing), sensing technology and tangible interaction within HCI. This selected group of research projects were completed with my beloved advisors, colleagues and collaborators from University of Maryland (UMD), Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (CMU), Keio-CUTE Center and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) since 2012.


:: Escaping research, I also spend time drawing, doing graphic design, traveling, and making interactive things, which includes physical computing, interactive gadgets, DIY projects and pilot attempts for potential research.


11/27: Drive back to Maryland and get my hair cut after 4 months.
11/24: Celebrate Thanksgiving with friends in Pittsburgh.
11/10: Makeability lab's logo is up, yay!
11/03: Give a talk at Tech+Design of Technica.
10/24: New website design is up!
10/19: Celebrate birthday at Sakura Seafood Buffet.
10/14: One paper is conditionally accepted by TEI '17.
09/24: Kotaro's farewell party at Bus Boys & Poets.
09/21: Survived in CHI submission as a co-author :)
09/09: Celebrate Jon's birthday in the Hackerspace.


Here lists the books that I am recently reading: