I'm a first-year PhD stdent working with Prof. Jon Froehlich in the Makeability Lab, HCIL. I imagine, design and build novel interfaces and tools across hardware sensing and fabrication. I am committed to investigating design spaces for providing non-experts with easy and creative making experience in the domain of fabrication (e.g., material, interactivity, accuracy, flexibility, and sustainability). Besides, I am also compiling sensing vocabulary of hardware for future wearable computing.

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Surprised and amazed by Microsoft Intern Signature Event
Kick off summer internship at Microsoft Research, Redmond
Reunion with family on west coast
Give a talk at the 33rd HCIL Symposium
One CHI LBW paper is awarded "Best Paper"
Two LBW papers are in CHI'16
CHI LBW reviews are done
Clean the workshop and tweak the laser cutter
Complete video shooting for a new project
Mark my foot print inside Arctic Circle. Yay!
Suit up and off to Alaska for Xmas
Off to San Jose for one-week vacation

PhD student
Makeability Lab & HCIL
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park

  lianghe [at] cs [dot] umd [dot] edu
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ReWear: Early Explorations of a Modular Wearable Construction Kit for Young Children

Kazemitabaar, M., He, L., Wang, K., Aloimonos, C., Cheng, T., and Froehlich, J.
To appear in CHI EA 2016 / [Best LBW Award] (Top 1%)

ReWear is a modular ‘plug-and-play’ construction kit for retrofitting existing textiles (e.g., hats, scarfs, shirts) with interactive electronic and computational behaviors without sewing or the creation of code.

VRSurus: Enhancing Interactivity and Tangibility of Puppets in Virtual Reality

Du, R. and He, L. / To appear in CHI 2016

VRSurus is a smart device designed to recognize the puppeteer’s gestures and render tactile feedback to enhance the interactivity of physical puppets in virtual reality (VR). It is wireless, self-contained, and small enough to be mounted upon any physical puppets.

PneuHaptic: delivering haptic cues with a pneumatic armband

He, L., Xu, C., Xu, D. and Brill, R. / In Proceedings of ISWC 2015

Questioning what kind of unobtrusive tactile sensations can be achieved, I designed and built a pneumatically actuated haptic interface. It simulates a range of tactile sensations on the arm by alternately pressurizing and depressurizing a series of custom molded silicone chambers.


CozyMaps: Real-time Collaboration on a Shared Map with Multiple Displays

Cheng, K., He, L., Meng, X., Shamma, D.A., Nguyen, D. and Thangapalam, A. / In Proceedings of MobileHCI 2015

In this project, I investigated interaction techniques among multi-display systems that support collocated collaboration. We demonstrated such collaborative interaction techniques through a map-based application.


New Interaction Tools for Preserving an Old Language

Plimmer, B., He, L., Zaman, T., Karunanayaka, K., Yeo, A.W., Jengan, G., Blagojevic, R. and Do, E.Y.L.
In Proceedings of CHI 2015 / [Honorable Mentions]

We explored the possibility of using tangible tools for educating young generation an old sign language in Malaysia. With a combinatino of conductive tips, clay and laser cut bases, I built a browser based applicaiton to offer more interactivity on connected images and physical objects.



Momeni, A., Dehghani, N., He, L. and Xu, D. / Featured on Arts-numeriques | iMAL | FACT

In this artistic research, we built a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combined augmented-puppetry with on-line video sharing and urban projection performance. I embedded a camera in puppets to capture, catalog and connect experiences of immigration across time and space on our planet. It aimed to help solve transnational migration issues.


TanStory (StoryCube: Supporting Children’s Storytelling with a Tangible Tool)

Wang, D., He, L. and Dou, K. / In The Journal of Supercomputing

I explored the realm of tangible user inteface to support preschool children's storytelling activity in this research. By using inertial measurement unit (IMU) and machine learning techniques, I created a control device for kids to tell stories through the manipulation of toys.


E-Block: a tangible programming tool for children

Wang, D., Zhang, Y., Gu, T., He, L. and Wang, H. / In Adjunct Proceedings of UIST 2012

To arouse children's interests in learing programming, we built a set of blocks using wireless and infrared technology to guide children in both programming and running stages. By providing both on-screen and on-block feedbacks, it enables children to easily and quickly build programs.

TempoString: a tangible tool for children's music creation

He, L., Li, G., Zhang, Y., Wang, D. and Wang, H. / In Adjunct Proceedings of UbiComp'12

Aiming at providing an easy way for children's music creation and encouraging young children to enjoy making music, this project used the metaphor of painting in simple tempo creation. Children could paint specific instrumental bubbles by bare hand on a canvas and adjust volume and scale by using a flexible string.


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